20 Strongest Characters In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Ranked (2024)

Dragon Ball is one of the most popular anime and manga of all time but the ongoing shonen series also has a rich life in video games. There are dozens of satisfying Dragon Ball fight games that tackle different chapters of the franchise. The fighting genre has evolved in major ways across Dragon Ball's lifespan, which has helped the latest crop of Dragon Ball games exceed expectations.

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Recent titles like Dragon Ball FighterZ and Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot succeeded, but Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, a game from 2016, still has a big fanbase. Years of new content and over 15 DLC Packs have eliminated the need for a Xenoverse 3. The latest additions to Xenoverse 2 have added a lot to the game, including some incredibly strong characters.

Updated June 5, 2023 by Daniel Kurland: Dragon Ball video games have never been more popular and continue to be a great source of content in lieu of new anime episodes of Dragon Ball Super. New Dragon Ball video games hit the shelves every few years, which makes it even more remarkable that the community for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is still going strong after seven years. Dedicated updates and new DLC additions have helped keep Xenoverse 2 relevant and even now there is fresh representation from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Xenoverse 2 now has a larger roster than ever before, which makes it the perfect time to analyze the game’s strongest fighters.

15 Bardock

Bardock, Goku’s father, has recently experienced a bit of a Renaissance thanks to some enlightening flashback chapters in Dragon Ball Super’s manga. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 has yet to incorporate these touches of character development, but Bardock is still one of the game’s low-key strongest fighters for those that know how to get the most out of the scrappy Saiyan.

Bardock has impressive, well-rounded stats that have only grown more favorable through various Xenoverse 2 updates. Bardock doesn't benefit from extensive Super Saiyan transformations, but his Strike Super Attack is hard to counter and he's a great character to close a fight.

14 Cooler (Final Form)

There are more than a dozen Dragon Ball Z feature films, most of which are fondly remembered for the radical villains they introduce. Cooler, Frieza's older brother, is the subject of two movies. However, he remains popular today because of his prominent use in Dragon Ball video games.

Much like Frieza, Cooler has multiple transformations and his Final Form is a dangerous fighter who can hold his own against Golden Frieza under the right circ*mstances. Cooler's Death Beam, Shadow Crusher, and Death Crasher all reflect how he differs from his brother. Cooler proved to be a DLC character worth the wait.

13 Fused Zamasu

Dragon Ball Super makes a big deal out of Goku Black, but it’s Supreme Kai Zamasu who’s actually pulling the strings. Regular Zamasu is still one of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’s strongest fighters, but players can cause even greater mayhem with Fused Zamasu.

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Holy Wrath, Blades of Judgement, and Divinity Unleashed are all easy ways to end the battle prematurely. Fused Zamasu represents an apocalyptic threat in Dragon Ball Super and so it's satisfying that Xenoverse 2 properly translates this into the gameplay.

12 Super Saiyan Rosé Goku Black

Goku has faced his fair share of villains over the course of Dragon Ball. However, Dragon Ball Super's Goku Black is easily one of the franchise's most disturbing enemies since he steals Goku's body to use it for evil, genocidal destruction. Goku Black is deadly on his own, but Super Saiyan Rosé Goku Black is the evil Saiyan's Super Saiyan Blue equivalent.

This version of Goku Black benefits from overwhelming attacks like the Super Black Kamehameha Rosé, Divine Retribution, and Sudden Death Beam. Goku Black also fights with a cryptic, evasive style that prides itself on being deceptive and difficult to predict.

11 Hit/Hit (Awoken)

In Dragon Ball Super, the strongest warriors from Universe 6 turn into crucial allies by the series' end. Hit is a legendary assassin whose reputation is known from across the multiverse. As a result, audiences were eager to use Hit in a Dragon Ball video game ever since his first appearance.

Hit is arguably at his deadliest in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Hit and his Awoken form possess powerful Strike Super Attacks like Super God Fist and Sledgehammer that can eviscerate most enemies. Hit's impressive speed and evasion skills elevate him to even greater heights.

10 Golden Frieza

Frieza is a recurring nuisance for Goku and the rest of Dragon Ball's heroes and Super brings the character back in a major role, adding him to Xenoverse 2's base roster. The game includes all of Frieza's transformations, including Super's superior Golden Frieza form.

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A great fit for players who can string together combos, Golden Frieza can really clean up on the battlefield. Attacks like Crazy Finger Shot and Emperor's Blast overwhelm and stun opponents, while Emperor's Death Beam is typically enough to finish the job.

9 Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta

20 Strongest Characters In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Ranked (1)

There are four unique versions of Gogeta in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and Dragon Ball GT's Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta is available right from the jump. If nothing else, this red-haired version of Gogeta stands out from its peers. Gogeta has enviable stats and deadly base attacks like x100 Big Bang Kamehameha and Super Kamehameha that put most other super skills to shame.

Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta is even better as a partner character, where he gains access to some of the strongest super and ultimate skills that Xenoverse 2 offers. Attacks like Earth Splitting Galick Gun live up to their names, helping Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta create glorious destruction on the battlefield.

8 Broly (Full Power Super Saiyan)

Xenoverse 2 incorporates an older version of the infamous Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly, who's present in three separate Dragon Ball Z movies. Broly (Full Power Super Saiyan) is Xenoverse 2's 21st DLC character and this version easily trumps his predecessor in the game.

This version of Xenoverse 2's Broly can endure heavy attacks while dishing out devastating damage through skills like Gigantic Rage, Gigantic Roar, and Gigantic Meteor. For a big character, Broly (Full Power Super Saiyan) handles smoothly and can guard himself well from whatever gets thrown at him.

7 Super Saiyan Blue Vegito & Gogeta

Fusion is a bit of a controversial concept, but Dragon Ball Super hasn't shied away from the idea, adding Vegito to the anime and letting Gogeta make a canonical debut in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Xenoverse 2 provides Super Saiyan Blue versions of both Vegito and Gogeta, which are complimentary sides of the same coin.

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Super Saiyan Blue Vegito and Gogeta have different stats and skills, but their Super Saiyan Blue status makes them more powerful than most characters on its own. Super Saiyan Blue Vegito benefits from longer-range attacks like Spirit Sword and the defensive luxuries of Force Shield, while Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta demonstrates his brute strength through attacks like God Punisher and Explosive Wave.

6 Toppo (God Of Destruction)

Universe 11's Toppo, a Pride Trooper who fights alongside Jiren, is one of the most fascinating fighters to emerge from Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power, even if he got little backstory. Toppo, at his base power, is a reliable Xenoverse 2 character. However, the game's 28th DLC fighter is Toppo (God of Destruction), an upgraded version that celebrates Toppo’s reckless Destroyer form.

Toppo isn't an official God of Destruction, but this character is on that level. Fast recovery, speed, and defense all make Toppo (God of Destruction) a seriously dangerous presence in Xenoverse 2. Any of his wide-ranging skills can quickly end a battle.

5 Jiren (Full Power)

Jiren is one of the strongest characters featured in Dragon Ball Super. Xenoverse 2 includes a more powerful version of the Universe 11 juggernaut as its 29th DLC character. Jiren (Full Power) represents the Pride Trooper’s raw strength that shows up in his battle against Ultra Instinct Goku in the Tournament of Power.

Standard Jiren was already a strong character, but Jiren (Full Power) has high health. Additionally, his ki and stamina are nearly maxed out. Certain skills like Full Power Energy Wave, Maximum Charge, and Power Rush can really decimate the competition. Jiren's every bit as strong as he was in the Tournament of Power.

4 Gamma 1 & Gamma 2

One of the most rewarding aspects of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is that it continues to release new DLC content. The most recent package focuses on the events of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Xenoverse 2's first "Hero of Justice Pack" includes Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, Red Ribbon's new state-of-the-art Androids.

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These villains represent the ultimate strength in Super Hero that forces Gohan and Piccolo to ascend to new heights. They play the same role in Xenoverse 2. Gohan and Piccolo are extremely overpowered, both in terms of their overall stats and strength, as well as the eclectic roster of skills at their disposal.

3 Ultra Instinct -Sign- Goku

Ultra Instinct strength has proven to be a tricky and intense process for Goku. He needs to master multiple tiers before he reaches peak Ultra Instinct perfection. Every Ultra Instinct Goku featured in Xenoverse 2 can end a match quickly, but Ultra Instinct -Sign- Goku (Xenoverse 2’s 33rd DLC fighter) is especially dangerous.

Ultra Instinct -Sign- Goku has unbelievable skills like Divine Kamehameha, Sign of Awakening, and Celestial Wave. The only caveat with this powerful character is that his stamina is relatively low, which means players need to make every attack count when they're piloting Ultra Instinct -Sign- Goku.

2 Gohan (DBS: Super Hero)

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2's first Hero of Justice Pack includes Gohan (Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero) alongside the two Gamma Androids. Super Hero gives Gohan his overdue spotlight and this fresh version of the character trumps every other Gohan in Xenoverse 2.

This Gohan's stats are higher than ever before, plus he gains new and exclusive skills like Super Dragon Flight. The Beast awakening skill is also a DLC addition, and it helps players recreate Super Hero's chaotic climax where Gohan Beast defeats Cell Max.

1 Orange Piccolo & Piccolo (Power Awakening)

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero celebrates Gohan, but he also shares the spotlight with Piccolo, who receives some long overdue upgrades in the feature film. Orange Piccolo is Xenoverse 2's 39th DLC character, added in the game's second Super Hero-centric Hero of Justice Pack.

Namekians haven't gotten their due in Xenoverse 2, but Orange Piccolo is equipped with superior versions of most Namekian staples, like Fierce Fist, Apocalyptic Burst, and Special Beam Blast. It makes sense that one of the strongest characters from the newest movie is one of Xenoverse 2's most dangerous fighters.

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20 Strongest Characters In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Ranked (2024)


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