Sights, Scents and Tastes Come Together at Easter - Contract Testing (2024)

Sights, Scents and Tastes Come Together at Easter - Contract Testing (1)

Easter is a national holiday and a special time for Christian families around the world. It’s a colourful, flavourful holiday full of egg hunts, chocolate bunnies and delicious feasts. While traditions of Easter are celebrated in many different ways around the world, the historic reasons we recognize the holiday remains the same across the board. Easter is the celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection after His crucifixion, which took place three days earlier on Good Friday.

Typical traditions around Easter include decorating and dying eggs and devouring chocolate bunnies. But what do these Easter staples represent? It is said that these symbols represent new beginnings: eggs representing a brand new life inside a shell and rabbits as a symbol of rebirth – a symbol from ancient times. Since Easter also coincides with spring, you can see that these symbols can be easily linked to the new life that this season brings.

Pastel colours are closely linked with the Easter holiday – not just with coloured eggs. Purples, yellows, pink and blues are found the optimal festive colour choices with dress and décor.

Easter falls annually during the spring, which for most of North America is the time of year when the cold, dark cloud of winter is exhaled and the fresh, aromatic wonders of springtime are reborn. Easter brings with it distinct and traditional floral accents such as fresh gardenias and lilies – two of the most popular holiday flowers along with an abundance of other fresh flowers and fragrant plants.

As is the case with most traditional holidays, food and drink play a vital role in the celebration. Easter is no exception. The warm, salty flavour of a perfectly cooked ham can be found in many Christian kitchens over the holiday, accented with creamy, cheesy scalloped potatoes or other sides – fresh green beans or buttery carrots for example.

The most popular taste associated with Easter is without question chocolate. In part due to the commercialization of the holiday. Chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, and chocolate anything is in abundance around Easter. That being said, the holiday isn’t entire focused on sweets. Tradition leads also to fresh fish which is enjoyed by practicing Catholics on Good Friday and many families will enjoy a delicious pineapple glazed ham with an assortment of fresh, delicious side offerings including fresh vegetables.

Easter is a time to celebrate new, fresh beginnings and those characteristics are found in the sights, scents and tastes of the holiday. As with any special time of the year, these senses are always heightened by being surrounded with wonderful friends and family.

Happy Easter to all!

Sights, Scents and Tastes Come Together at Easter - Contract Testing (2024)


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