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I can't wait for the next part of the trio saving werewolf!reader it was so good!

Ask: I can't wait for the next part of the trio saving werewolf!reader it was so good!

Ask: Hi! Just read part one of what is hopefully a mini-series of the trio x werewolf reader, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. If you like some suggestions on how to continue: maybe part two could be about the Reader learning how to be free, or perhaps the Trio helping reader recover enough to be able to shift back to being a human? Either way, can’t wait to see what else you have planned. Thank you so much!

[Combining the two asks here.]

A/N: My toxic trait? Answering asks for Part 2s of something I wrote over a year ago and then promptly abandoned lol. (To Read Part 1 to refresh your memory, like I had to do, click here [x].)

✥ ✥ ✥

“Do you think they’ll ever be able to turn back?” Sypha asked from where she stood, in one of the many rows of bookshelves lining the Belmont hold.

Several levels below her, Trevor grunted as he hauled large pieces of shattered support beams to the base of the main staircase. “It’s impressive how sentient they are now, being a were-creature and all.”

“Yes, but they don’t want to stay a creature for the rest of their lives.”

“Well, life isn’t always f*cking fair,” Trevor cursed, half-out of breath, as he began lugging the large beam up the stairs.

“I’m fairly certain she knows that,” Alucard intervened, entering the main chamber, having just arrived fresh off the newly built lift he installed. “Speakers see far more suffering than most people, seeing as they believe it is their duty to help the less fortunate.”

“How’s the lift?” Sypha asked, coming over to the railing. “Does it work? Were the calculations correct?”

Alucard nodded. “I needed to modify a few measurements, considering the potential excess weight load-”

“We’re not that heavy,” Trevor interrupted. “Or do you plan to start bringing villagers in by the dozen and give tours?”

Alucard narrowed his eyes at Trevor. “I was considering the repairs that need to be done for all the damage the night creatures inflicted. Unless of course, you’d prefer to drag that thing up yet another hundred feet.”

Trevor huffed, refusing to show his fatigue. “What? This old thing?” He locked his knees to keep them from buckling. “Can barely feel it.”

Sypha rolled her eyes. “Could the two of you stop competing for one second?! We’re supposed to be looking for ways to help our friend!”

Admitting defeat, Trevor dropped the large piece of timber at the next landing. “Sypha, we’ve been at it for months. Every book says the same thing: only the shapeshifter can cause a shift at will. Outside of whoever cursed them with the affliction undoing it themselves. Or killing the shapeshifter and using death magic to alter their form post-mortem, there’s nothing any of us can do.”

Accepting her friend had a point, Sypha took one of the adjoining bridges, healing toward Trevor as he stopped to catch his breath.

“I could freeze that beam and toss it out you know,” she gestured to where Alucard currently stood.

“The last time you did that, we ended up with a giant hole in the ground.”

“That wasn’t me, that was the night creatures.”

“But you did break the castle,” Alucard countered. “All of the gears were melted.”

“I did not! I do not break things. I am a Speaker, I fix things!”

Alucard chuckled, sharing a knowing look with Trevor. For as knowledgeable as she was, she certainly had a hard time admitting when she was wrong.

“In either case, it will take years to repair, even with my vampiric speed and strength. Dracula engineered those cogs and wheels over several centuries, often hiring the best blacksmiths around.”

The trio boarded the lift together, Trevor having decided to leave the broken beam behind for another day.

“They worked here? With him?” Sypha asked.

“The castle’s forge is quite extensive. And no matter their level of skill, I doubt any local blacksmith’s forge would be large enough to mold such immense gears. They could only manage such creation within the walls of the castle.”

Trevor scoffed. “Did they know who they were working for?”

“I’m certain they had suspicions, but I doubt my Fath-, Dracula ever told them the truth.”

“That’s-” Trevor started.

“Sad,” Sypha finished for him. “To be alone all that time. To not be able to tell anyone who you are.”

The ingenious pulley system lift finally came to a stop as it became level with the forest ground outside the Belmont hold.

“Is that why you wish to help them so badly?” Alucard asked, referring to their new werewolf companion. “You feel they’re lonely?”

“Well they were lonely, back in that cage, in that life,” Sypha reminded her friends, as Alucard locked the lift in place.

“They seem better now,” Trevor remarked, being the first to disembark. “After all, you keep bugging them every day, they’re hardly lonely.”

Sypha elbowed him, lovingly. “I do not bug them. They enjoy my company.”

“You keep forgetting Speakers are used to traveling in large groups,” Alucard reminded Belmont, once again, as the trio made their way back toward the entrance of the castle. “It’s shocking how much you've forgotten, the two of you being companions and all.”

“The three of us being companions,” Sypha placed a reassuring hand on Alucard’s shoulder.

The dhampir gave a soft smile at the Speaker’s action before averting his eyes. Stepping out of her embrace, he started to ascend the many stone steps at the front of the castle.

“It’s about time for dinner. Let me see what I can cook up.”

It had been a few months since the trio and their newfound companion arrived back home at Castlevania. Most of that time was spent with Sypha and Trevor bickering over how best to treat their new friend, while Alucard dedicated his time in between assessing the broken mechanisms of the castle to reading all of the tomes his father had collected on shapeshifting. Unfortunately, all roads pointed in the same direction: it was up to their friend to shift themselves back.

At the present moment their werewolf friend, or Wynn, as they liked to be called, was resting in one of the many castle bedrooms. Their furry body was sprawled out over the entire length of the mattress, as they lazily tracked falling specks of dust around with their big puppy-dog eyes.

Despite spending so much time resting, they felt exhausted this evening. It was as if the last few months of recovery meant nothing!

‘I don’t know why I’m so tired,’ they thought, shifting to curl up in a tighter ball.

Finally shutting their eyes, they made one final wish before drifting off to sleep, the same wish they had been making every night for god knows how long.

‘Please let me be human when I wake up, please.’

The sun had barely peaked over the horizon. Trevor and Alucard had woken up early to finally start clearing the major debris from the Belmont hold using the newly designed lift. So far Alucard had cleared twelve large beams while Trevor had managed to remove seven. Not that it was a competition or anything. It was at this point that Sypha had come to join them.

“Well if it isn’t Sleeping Beauty, finally come to grace us humble footmen with her presence,” Trevor ribbed.

“Nice pile,” Sypha gestured to Trevor’s lesser stack laid out next to Alucard’s.

Trevor snorted. “Nice comeback.”

Sypha crossed her arms. “I had a very long night last night. Which was entirely your fault by the way.”

“My fault?” Trevor guffawed. “No no, I believe that last round was your fault.”

Alucard, who had been watching amusedly from the sides, chose this moment to step in. “No, she’s right, I recall you were the one enticing us into that last round.”

“Well, it’s not my fault if- hey,” Trevor suddenly straightened his back, and pointed to something in the distance. “Who’s that?”

Both Alucard and Sypha turned around to see who Trevor was referring to. Almost immediately, Sypha clasped her hands together happily and began running over to meet this ‘stranger’.

“Looks like Sypha wasn’t the last one to wake up,” Alucard nudged Trevor to come along.

“No, but seriously, who the hell is that?” Trevor asked Alucard, keeping his wits about him.

“You’re joking.”

“I’ve never seen that person before in my life.”

“That’s because you’ve never seen them before as a human.”

Sypha, having finally reached Wynn where they stood, proudly and excitedly in their human form, pulled them in for a big hug. Clasping each other in a tight embrace, the two companion’s eyes began to water.

“It’s so good to finally see you, my friend!” Sypha laughed, hugging Wynn closer.

“It’s so good to be seen!” Wynn answered back, clearly overjoyed.

After a good long moment, Sypha finally let go, turning around to face the boys. “Look who it is!”

Wynn gave a polite wave, suddenly overcome by shyness under the focus of all three of their friends. “Um, hi? It’s nice to finally meet you.”

Alucard stuck his hand out for a handshake, which Wynn eagerly accepted. “Likewise.”

Sensing Trevor’s hesitation, Wynn outstretched their hand to Trevor.

Shaking his head, Trevor grasped Wynn’s hand and pulled them in for a hug, nearly knocking them off their feet.

Speechless and touched by Trevor’s gesture, Sypha shot a knowing look at Alucard.

Despite being their gruff, sarcastic, and sometimes slower friend, Trevor really was like a teddy bear deep, deep underneath that jaded exterior. Sure, very few would ever come to know it unless they were close to him, but that made the trio’s relationship all the more special. And it was a very telling sign that Trevor was able to let his guard down for the sake of their new friend.

It was as if at that very moment, the trio had become a quartet. And Wynn couldn’t be happier to finally be a part of it.

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